Saving Wild Places in the ‘Anthropocene’

We’re living in the epoch some scientists call the “Anthropocene”�”an age in which human influence touches nearly everything on the planet. Forty years after the signing of the Endangered Species Act, and nearly 50 years after the Wilderness Act, do we need to rethink how we protect nature? Environmental historian William Cronon and environmental geographer Paul Robbins discuss protecting wild places in the age of climate change.

Latest MacArthur Geniuses Include Sound Savior

Experimental physicist Carl Haber is among 24 people receiving $625,000 awards for their work. He heard on NPR that historic recordings were in danger of being lost. Using techniques that allow scientists to track atomic particles, he developed a way to preserve those sounds.

In Life, Man Immune To HIV Helped Scientists Fight Virus

In the 1980s, Stephen Crohn was exposed to HIV but never became infected. Throughout his lifetime, he helped scientists discover a genetic mutation that keeps HIV from infecting the immune system. Crohn died in August at age 66. A doctor who worked with him reflects on his contributions to science and the fight against AIDS.