Wildfires Consume Funds Flagged for Prevention

This year, the U.S. Forest Service has spent hundreds of millions of dollars fighting wildfires, cutting into funds originally set aside to prevent them. Fire historian Steve Pyne compares the way we manage fires today to how we manage health–focused on emergencies, and not prevention.

When Med Students Get Medical Students’ Disease

Some medical students notice something innocuous about their health and then attach to it exaggerated significance, often related to disease they’ve recently learned about. But are med students more likely to be anxious hypochondriacs than others?

An ‘Up’ Outlook Can Improve Our Health

Dr. Hilary Tindle manages deftly to weave the emerging scientific evidence linking outlook to outcome with a wealth of practical suggestions and individual stories. The result is not simply another self-help book, but a thought-provoking and intelligent read.