Babies Smell Delicious, Just Like A Cheeseburger

A baby’s scent triggers the reward circuits in women’s brains, the same circuits that light up when an addict gets drugs or you eat a juicy cheeseburger, according to a study co-authored by University of Montreal researcher Johannes Frasnelli. He explains to host Rachel Martin why people want to nibble on their infants.

‘Tummy Time’ May Not Be Needed

Parents have long been encouraged to have their babies spend time on their bellies to encourage upper-body development. But a new study suggests that having infants sleep on their backs does not retard motor development and that “tummy time” may be irrelevant.

Miss. Turns To Cord Blood To Track Down Statutory Rapists

Starting in July, doctors and midwives in Mississippi will be required by law to collect samples of umbilical cord blood from babies born to some girls under the age of 16. Officials will analyze the samples and try to identify the fathers through matches in the state’s DNA database.