Why Are We So Afraid Of Local Anesthetics With Epinephrine?

Imagine if you could transport Socrates, Aristotle, Jobs, Einstein, Feynman, Hawking and Halstead, just to mention a few, through time to the present and combine their wisdom and knowledge into a congealed supergenius. Put this new “machine” into present day context and boy oh boy, do we have a toy — digitally speaking of course in the form of the new Bari Tass 2015 version 2.1 Mega Cortex. This interactive hybrid computer is secreted away in the high Himalayas and has extremely limited access. Go to StubHub or Ticketmaster if you don’t believe me.

Letting In The Light Of Research On Plantar Fasciosis

Sometimes the chain of events in one’s life seem in retrospect the most perfectly planned and played out chorus of a Grammy award-winning song. However, while these scenes are unfolding, it is most often difficult to discern what is really going on or for that matter, the true importance and future ramifications of these at first seemingly random and disconnected series of events.

The Cocktail For Long Lasting Local Anesthesia: Mitigating Chronic Post-Surgical Pain

Swirling the opaque garnet wine around the edges of the Riedel glass allowed for the complex interaction of its fruit to escape from its mixture. After the wine hit the palate, I knew due to the structure, mouth feel and astringency that this was a superior blend of high grade, very stressed berries of different varieties. I would need more exploration to attempt forensic identification but so be it. Someone has to do some work.

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Losing A True Artist In The World Of Anatomy

I had virtually no initial understanding of what the artist was trying to say to me through his work. He was famous, internationally known and revered by many, but I had not had the opportunity to know him or his work. However, via some of my respected and trusted friends from Catalonia, I became quickly immersed into his world and became a profound appreciator just like the rest of them.

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How The Legend Of ‘Cheater Akin’ Began

Rectus B. Akin was on trial. Those folks back in his settlement in middle Kansas knew him well, respected and loved him. When they heard that the immensely disliked marshal from the northern Dakota Territory had arrested Rectus B. on trumped up charges, they were mad. Mad as hell in fact. The simple fact was that the folks up there did not know Rectus B. and what he had done for the people of the Kansas territory.

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What Really Happens When We Decompress A Nerve?

Sitting in the center of the third row in the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera House), I was awestruck by how the opera company had so effortlessly put on one of my favorite operas, The Barber of Seville. Dr. Gointu Amabala, the famous neuroscientist from Mumbai, brought me to this magnificent venue. He loved the opera and would make the long trek to Vienna from India just to attend one performance.

“So what did you think?” he asked in his clipped accent.

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Why Minimally Invasive Surgery Is An Art Even If It May Not Look Like It

Seven years ago, I couldn’t believe I had just paid $250 to stand there in a New York art gallery staring at a single red dot in the middle of a large, all-black canvas.

“It’s phenomenal, isn’t it?” a cultured voice whispered reverently near my ear. Since I was locked in a mental gymnastics event trying to decide why I had agreed to come to this affair in the first place, I did not hear her. “Excuse me,” the voice whispered more urgently, “it’s phenomenal, isn’t it?”

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How Did Heel Spurs Become Public Enemy Number One?

The cool, dark west Texas night sky was nearly silent. It was almost like I had been placed into some type of surreal soundproof chamber. There was a big silence, except for the occasional coyote howl, and of course the regular cracking and popping of the roaring campfire. But that was like white noise. You never heard it unless you really concentrated. There is nothing like being out on a roundup, resting by the flickering fingers of the orange and yellow flames of the fire, being bone aching tired from herding cows all day. Then the silence ended.

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